Probiotics to Speak with One Voice
YLFA, IPA and GAP join forces to create a single broad representative platform – IPA Europe.
Member companies of Yoghurt Live Fermented Milks Association (YLFA), International Probiotics Association (IPA) and Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) are joining forces to create a single broad representative platform – a European branch of IPA, called International Probiotics Association Europe (IPA Europe).

The creation of a European branch of IPA will reinforce IPA as the global voice of probiotics and is a natural evolution from an increasingly successful collaboration between these associations, which together represent about sixty companies.

Commenting on the merge, George Paraskevakos, President of IPA said: “IPA, GAP and YLFA are three of the few associations with probiotics as its core focus; combining their strengths will result in a stronger and wider outreach in Europe.” With the establishment of a new European Commission and new European Parliament, the probiotic industry needs more than ever to speak with a single voice to improve the business environment for the sector in Europe.

IPA Europe will seek to expand further, and is open to membership applications from companies. The first objective of IPA Europe will be to re-engage and enhance the dialogue with the EU authorities, and one of its key priorities will be to push forward the open discussion on the regulatory process for probiotics in Europe.
Further information will be announced in the coming weeks.

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