Yakult is a pioneer in the field of probiotic drinks.

First launched in 1935 by Dr. Monoru Shirota the company was incorporated in 1955 as Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd, with headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan.

An international leader of fermented milks and drinks, Yakult is best known for its signature probiotic drinking yoghurt, “Yakult” containing the company’s propriety lactic acid bacteria, L.casei strain Shirota. The company has also developed a unique variant of Bifidobacterium breve strain Yakult found in the fermented milk Bifiene. With net annual sales amounting to USD 3.17 billion, Yakult is present in 31 countries across 5 continents and employs 2874 people throughout the world.

Yakult is a founding member of YLFA .
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