YLFA International is the only independent non-profit trade association that promotes yogurt and fermented milks, their ingredients and live cultures at both EU and International (Codex) level.

  • Founded in 2005 and based in Brussels, YLFA provides a unique platform for addressing shared interests and key issues relating to the yoghurt and live fermented milks industry and international standards.
  • YLFA is hosted by the European Dairy Association (EDA) in the heart of the European district in Brussels.
  • YLFA is an official Observer at the Codex Alimentarius.

Our mission:

  • YLFA acts to ensure the recognition of the specificities of yoghurt and fermented milks by national and international public authorities by promoting high quality standards.
  • YLFA provides a platform for debate, sharing of expertise and proactive decision-making, in collaboration with other national, European and international inter professional bodies.
  • YLFA acts for its members by monitoring and taking strong positions on key issues in scientific and technical matters (Quality, Regulation and Nutrition).
  • YLFA is a leading source of technical and legal information on yoghurts, fermented milks, cultures and probiotics in dairy products

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